The Nightmare Ex-Boyfriend Before Christmas : A modern day Christmas Carol

The Nightmare Ex-Boyfriend Before Christmas : A modern day Christmas Carol


Devon Hartford
Paperback | 374 pages
152 x 229 x 21mm | 549g
Publication date
18 Nov 2019
Devon Hartford


From bestselling author Devon Hartford comes a new standalone second-chance romance, told as a redemption story in the spirit of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Channing Peyton.
College football legend.
Business tycoon.
National heartthrob.
And my ex-boyfriend. Channing screwed me over in college.
Every way you can imagine, the good ways and the bad.
We had two passionate and unforgettable years together, until he blindsided me for no reason, and with no explanation, kicking me to the curb like yesterday's trash.
He ruined all other men for me, and almost ruined me.
But I'm stronger than that.
I don't need him.
My biggest regret was not kicking him to the curb first. To this day, I still wonder: was there a reason he dumped me?
Or did he never love me?
I'll never know.
But you know what?
I don't care.
I'm done with that man. Now it's ten years later and I'm back home for the holidays in King City, the town where I grew up and we both went to college. It's also the epicenter of our past scandal that nearly killed me and my parents when it broke.
Trust me, it made the local TV news every night for two weeks. One night, it went national.
Guess who never left King City?
The curb turd.
As relentless as he was on the field, I would've thought he'd go on to play in the NFL. He never did. Knee injury. Oh, the cliche.
Small pond, meet big fish.
Only this fish has grown bigger than anyone ever expected, built up his own business empire. Turns out he's better at business than he ever was at football, and that's saying something. Despite his knee injury, he managed to keep his college football body, abs and all. Wherever he goes, it's raining money and marriage proposals.
When he finds out I'm home for the holidays, he just has to come knocking at my parents' house bearing meaningless gifts.
News flash, unless he's hoping for an immaculate conception, he has another thing coming, and it definitely won't be me. * * * The Nightmare Ex-Boyfriend Before Christmas is a second-chance romance with an enemies-to-lovers twist. It's gift-wrapped for you in a steamy stand-alone holiday package, and tied up with a heart-warming bow of an HEA.
Pour yourself some hot cider and start reading.

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