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VAMPIRATES: TIDE OF TERROR (Book 2) by Justin Somper

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Traitors, enemies.

Pirate academy. Love.

Blind. Vampires. Sea.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade/YA (ages 8 and up)

Fantasy fiction

Vampire and pirates

Third person shifting POV – past and present tense – mainly between 14yr old brother and sister twins (Grace and Conner) with dips into other characters as well…

Second in a series (Vampirates)

Plot developments –Sidario has been banished and is amassing an army and plotting revenge.  Cutlass Cate is second in command on The Diablo.  Cheng Li has left for Pirate Academy,

Prologue – set in the present tense from new viewpoint  (Sidario – heard from only briefly in Book 1)

Dark, ominous tone

Evil as a force

Chapter One nearly all chunks of recap/summary of Book One (slow start for those familiar with Book 1?) – largely told (vs shown) with holes filled in for both main characters

Action kicks off in Chapter Two

Plot arc – attack, death as a catalyst, lies, deceit, trickery, subterfuge

Pirate Academy introduces

Promises, death, destruction, disaster

New characters, new plot lines, new beginnings, old friendships ending

Questions remaining at book end and new questions raised (i.e. Will Loran’s eyes be cured?  Will they find hope and healing with the master?)

Book ends as a new journey begins

Last page revelation — Grace learns for the first time the name of the Vampirate ship – The Nocturne (late in a series to learn the name of such an important element of story?)