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VAMPIRATES: IMMORTAL WAR (Book 1) by Justin Somper

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Dad’s death.  Shipwrecked.  Lost.

Separated twins. Pirates,

vampires. Friends, foes.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade/YA (ages 8 and up)

Fantasy fiction

Third person close POV – rhythmically shifting between 14yr old brother and sister twins (Grace and Conner)

First in a series (Vampirates)

Cast of characters = Vampires and pirates

Twins – girl and boy

Themes – family, belonging, standing out, fitting in, legacy, destiny, prophecy, curse

Hero’s journey running parallel to Heroines journey

Quest story

Modern vampire rage blended with classic pirate tales

Adventure, mystery

World building


Shifting viewpoints sometimes shift too fast – dizzying? too much?  

Plot pace revs and relents along with shifting POV

Voice (POV) used to move plot and vary pace, keep reader interest, drive story, give backstory, sprinkle essential facts, characterizations, plot points, clues

Character development – slow and steady – shown in dialogue and action

Main character Conner — moves from fear and self-doubt in athletic abilities to confidence and dexterity moving ship to ship and scaling new heights

Main character Grace less developed — moves from book smart and obsessive to battle ready and love struck

Surprising puzzles and unanswered questions spring up at book end obviously intending to draw readers into next books…

Unanswered questions, new questions and loose threads could drive readers away from series for good or entice them to grab Book 2 off the shelf.