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VAMPIRATES: BLOOD CAPTAIN (Book 3) by Justin Somper

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Fear of heights. Healing.

Rescue. Shadows. Healing. Twists.

Mom identity.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade/YA (ages 8 and up)

Fantasy fiction

Vampire and pirates

Third person close POV – mainly shifting between 14yr old brother and sister twins (Grace and Conner) with dips into other character heads as well

Third in a series (Vampirates)

Recap not as obvious as in Book 2

Characterization — Conner still working to conquer fear of heights (carried over from book one as a thread that ties the series together and works as a reminder of who and what he is…)  — Grace still journeying on her quest to heal her beloved Lorcan, still maturing into young lady, still learning the ways of love and loving (beginning to mature beyond the age and interest range of many readers – especially young boys?)

Themes — Healing and rescue

Defender turns killer

Emotional journey of self discovery and realization that in order to help others, Conner must help himself first

Twins inners journeys of maturity  and healing reflected in shadowy dark version of journey of supporting/anti character Jez

Intrigue and adventure

Mystery and clues

Quest — self discovery

Healing skills

Twist/surprise ending leading to next book with promises of new storyline building on established story threads of family

History, present day and future intersect as souls are released and the captain is revealed to be (PLOT SPOILER ALERT!) —  the Tempest twins’s mother!