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VAMPIRATES: BLACK HEART (Book 4) by Justin Somper

Posted in reviewku: pirate (all), reviewku: plunder, middle grade


No back story.

Graves, officer, evil women.

Saving Grace. Wedding.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade/YA (ages 8 and up)

Fantasy fiction

Vampire and pirates

Third person close POV shifting — twins (Grace and Conner) and other characters

Fourth in a series (Vampirates)

In media res opening

LIttle recap

New characters enter immediately at beginning – create familiar yet distinct feel – work to keep series fresh and interest high, but fall flat in terms of keeping familiarity complete?

Symbolism — black heart playing card

Bloody and violent

All female group of pirate warrior women

Climax centered around wedding (black-hearted queen and the king of the black hearted pirates (Sidorio))

Themes – family (Grace gets to know her mother as a spirit), restlessness (Connor doesn’t want to hear what mom and sister are saying), running away, escape, harsh realities of unwanted truths

(PLOT SPOILER) The discovery of Sidorio as the twins father feels a bit much?  Too cliche / too obvious…

Conflict strong at book end but in general, more complete and rounded ending than any of the previous books — more threads tied up, less questions raised in final pages…