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Sisters split apart.

Braided monologues in verse.

Syllabic puzzles.


Nitty Gritty:


Verse novel

Realistic/historical fiction

Three POV – two first person and one omniscient

Three main characters – sisters

Syllabic patterns specific to each character (each first person POV sister speaks in lines the same number of syllables as her age, omniscient narrator speaks in praise poems that are all eight lines line with eight syllable per line)

First and last lines of each verse braid together and circle around in sun at the finale (in an original Frost creation of overall book form)

Occasionally overly heavy in ‘braid’ motif

Distinct voices of three sisters and yet the two first person POV prove to sometimes be confusingly similar

Themes of babies, brothers, love, loss, searching, seeking, surviving

Intricate plot — sometimes too intricate?  occasionally dips into confusion