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TAR BEACH by Faith Ringgold

Posted in reviewku: plunder, picture book, reviewku: poetry (all)


Flying eight year old

Historical fantasy

Dreamy poetry


Nitty Gritty:

Childrens / story book / historical fiction (ages 4-8)

First person-young girl’s point of view

Quilted illustrations and text

Flight of fantasy

Vivid imagination

Themes — freedom, family love, longing, torn between two worlds

Symbolism — flying (child flies over the rooftops of her home), looking down on unsuspecting family (adults playing cards, little brother lying patiently waiting, hoping to join her flight)

Setting – New York City, Harlem, George Washington bridge

Historical timeframe- depression era

Sensory — images (bridge, apartment building, city living), smells (fried chicken, roasted peanuts, picnic food), temperature (hot summer days, cool night sky)

History — imagining full credit being given to the African American workers who built the bridge but were kept out of unions because of skin color

Dreaming of better life, better world, better understanding of each other

End notes and thought-provoking questions guide the reader towards historical knowledge

Quilt guide guides the reader towards creating a personal visual tapestry of their own experiences; their own life.