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SOLD by Patricia McCormick

Posted in reviewku: plunder, young adult fiction, reviewku: poetry (all)


Muzzled. Trapped. Nepal.

Prostitution. Slavery.

Verse reality.


Nitty Gritty:

YA (grades 9 and up)

Verse novel

First person POV

Unique and memorable voice

Main character – 13 year old Nepali girl, Lakshmi

Story told in fits and floods of free verse

Setting – Nepal

Themes — ¬†prostitution, enslavement, constraint, marginalization, muzzled by society and family

Free verse gives full rein to free flowing flood of emotion, inner thoughts, more

Short verses mix with longer passages – combination drives plot and varies pace effectively

Emotional impact

Symbolism found in the very shape of the words — white space represents the white out voicelessness of thousands of Nepali girls sold into a similar life of slavery and subsequent disempowerment

Author note details horrors and true tales discovered in careful research and countless interviews

Warning and wake up call to general public of a sad truth of this area