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Reviewku: Plunder!

Haiku Book Reviews

REVIEWKU is collection of book reviews written in with the syllabic rules of Haiku (5/7/5 syllables per line), followed by “Nitty Gritty” book specific details including but not limited to: age range, genre, point of view (POV), theme, style, voice, setting. From pirates to mermaids to boats to ships to oceans to lakes to shores… enjoy these Pirate Reviewkus, mateys!

•  This page features Reviewkus of the PLUNDER! (Pirate! Poetry! Everything else!) nature, category: ALL!




THE TROUBLE WITH POETRY by Billy Collins (2006)

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STANZAS FOR THE MASSES Having fun with words. Teaching, teasing. Pull, prod, poke. “This is just to say.”   QUOTABLE “I wonder how you are going to feel / when you find out / that I wrote this instead of you”   Nitty Gritty: Who: Various unnamed characters (occasionally the poet himself, but not always!) What: Poetry Where: across the country When: Present day; some flashbacks; some flash forwards Why: An exploration and explanation of childhood, music (jazz), emotion (especially love), getting older, passing time, education, reading, writing and understanding… How: Mainly first person POV, Simple, straightforward voice; everyday language...

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ALEX THE PARROT – NO ORDINARY BIRD – A TRUE STORY by Stephanie Spinner, illustrated by Meilo So

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BIRD BRAINS ARE DEEP THINGS True tale picture book. Scientist, parrot, co-learning. Questions, answers, growth.   Nitty Gritty: Picture book Non fiction Animal story True tale of one amazing animal Experiment recap – with methods and results Featuring scientist and parrot Appropriate for all ages Cartoonish pictures make story accessible to the very young Vivid colors Heavy use of white space Parrot personality and parrot intelligence in prose and in pictures Natural life span depicted- story follows Alex from birth to death Direct quotes from parrot (Alex) include:  “wanna showa” (i.e. he wants someone to spray him with water) and “you tickle!” (he wants his neck tickled)...

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HALF-LIFE BLUE-FURRED SEMI-GRAPHIC STORIES Sea bear spinning tales – Fable, Bible, Gulliver. Cartoons. Challenges.   Nitty Gritty: YA/Adult (ages 13 and up) Fantasy animal fiction First person past tense POV from a bear’s POV (Captain Bluebear) – conversational – hovering on second person POV? Part novel, part graphic novel, part short story collection Reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels Humor Main character – bear Hero’s journey (Bear’s Journey) Timeline – travel through13 1/2 of one bear’s allotted 29 lives World building Conversational in tone Graphic novel elements — Cartoon-ish black and white drawings pepper the pages at Off-beat fun Childish simplicity and goofiness Pictures compliment and add to plot and tone Pace – fast and simple – quick and concise descriptions Minimum of telling, maximum of showing Lively pace Free flowing plot Complex cast of strange and wonderful characters – likable and hatable All ages appeal...

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PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Theatre) directed by James A. Rocco, written by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan (1879)

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PRANCING PIRATES A sense of duty. Opera, choreography. Silliness on stage.   Nitty Gritty: Who: Brandon O’Neill as the Pirate King, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka as Frederic, Dieter Bierbrauer as the Sergeant of Police, Gary Briggle as Major-General Stanley, Anne Eisendrath as Mabel, and Kersten Rodau as Ruth. What: Musical Where: On the coast of Cornwall When: written and set in the 1800s Why: After growing up apprenticing to the Pirates, a young man thinks he’s free to go out and live as a non-pirate, but a Leap Year clause is discovered, and he is re-indentured. Meanwhile, the young man has met a young woman and is looking for love and hoping she’s the one, however, complications arise in the form of the young woman’s sisters and father, and the young man’s pirate compadres. Hijinks ensue. How: Music and dialogue and dancing on stage at the Ordway theatre....

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SHIVER ME TIMBERS! PIRATE POEMS AND PAINTINGS by Douglas Florian, illustrated by Robert Neubecker

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AHOYS, AVASTS AND TREASURE MAPS Pirate poems, codes. Definitions, names. Silly, sly, splashes of truth.   Nitty Gritty: Children’s / picture book / poetry Poetry collection Pirate theme Shifting third person and omniscient POV Themes: pirates, poetry No central plot arc – collection of pirate themed poetry centered around traditional pirate lore (fish food, treasure maps, codes, punishments, famous pirates, flags, weapons) Overall feel of book is lighthearted look at darker side of piracy...

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BEYOND BLACKBEARD Hapless and helpful. Honey-glazed ham connoisseur. Ironic pirates.   Nitty Gritty: Who: The Pirate Captain and crew (an unnamed lot of colorful characters); young Charles Darwin; Mister Bobo; Black Bellamy; Jennifer What: Pirate fiction; humor; adult Where: At Sea & London When: 1837 Why: The silly and often befuddled band of pirates sink a ship thinking it to be a treasure trow, only to find a scientists on board (Darwin)… Immediate repentance leads to wanting to make amends, leads to the Pirates escorting Darwin back to London to fight his enemies… How: Footnotes add historical and scientific facts...

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LION, LION. by Miriam Busch, Illustrated by Larry Day

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LOVE THAT LION Bold. Brave. Beautiful.  A lion looking for lunch, finds a friend instead.   Nitty Gritty: Who: pre-readers; boy, Lion What: picture book; clever humor tilting towards the dark side Where: anywhere When: anytimeWhy: A boy wants to find his lion, a lion wants to find his lunch. How: Through shouting, yelling, searching, asking questions, talking and listening....

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CORDUROY by Don Freeman

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BUTTON! One lost button, one lonely bear, one long search for a house and a home. Nitty Gritty: Picture book / read out loud / storybook Third person POV Main character – Corduroy – stuffed bear Inanimate object as POV main character Themes – searching for home, hope, family, wanting to be wanted, needing to be needed, yearning to be loved Metaphor for children and adults — journeying through life constantly seeing that one out of reach thing that we are sure will change everything for the better forever Setting — department store — shown through bright ligts, escalator, mysterious sounds, other stuffed animals/dolls/furniture/goods for sale Vibrant colors Simple prose Quest story...

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Whaling history

Landlocked, abolitionists,

Kidnappers, justice.

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Three girls, three stories

three voices sob one story.

One boy devastates.

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