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PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Theatre) directed by James A. Rocco, written by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan (1879)

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A sense of duty.

Opera, choreography.

Silliness on stage.


Nitty Gritty:

Who: Brandon O’Neill as the Pirate King, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka as Frederic, Dieter Bierbrauer as the Sergeant of Police, Gary Briggle as Major-General Stanley, Anne Eisendrath as Mabel, and Kersten Rodau as Ruth.

What: Musical

Where: On the coast of Cornwall

When: written and set in the 1800s

Why: After growing up apprenticing to the Pirates, a young man thinks he’s free to go out and live as a non-pirate, but a Leap Year clause is discovered, and he is re-indentured. Meanwhile, the young man has met a young woman and is looking for love and hoping she’s the one, however, complications arise in the form of the young woman’s sisters and father, and the young man’s pirate compadres. Hijinks ensue.

How: Music and dialogue and dancing on stage at the Ordway theatre.