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LOCOMOTION by Jacqueline Woodson

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Foster. Fire. Search.

Sister. School. Action. Worry.

Move. Groove. No hurry.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade (grades 4-6)

Verse novel

First person POV

Main character – 11 year old Lonnie Collins Motion (Loco-motion)

Opens with declaration “This whole book’s a poem” and indeed it is!

Collection of 60 poems in a variety of forms – sonnets, haiku, free verse, more

Musical – voice is rhythmic and flowing, story told in verse, rhyme and rap

Generous use of white space between words and poems

Forms carefully selected to show deep emotion without turning away emotion averse readers (i.e. many young males)

Energetic, joyful, thoughtful

Themes — African American realities, parents killed in fire, poetry notebook, foster family, New York city, separated from little sister

Grief, rage, longing, loss, resiliency, acceptance, peace