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JOYFUL NOISE: POEMS FOR TWO VOICES by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by Eric Beddows

Posted in reviewku: plunder, middle grade, reviewku: poetry (all)


Back and Forth. Insects.

Contrast. Nature. Voices. Bugs.

Read out loud. Rhythm.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade / YA (ages 8 and up)


Alternating voices / POV


Tight harmonies, bouncing rhythms, evocative imagery


Call and response

Read aloud format

Voices of insects

Beauty of nature

Delicacy and grace of insects as opposed to bumbling and clumsiness of slow clunky humans

Black and white images show world from insect POV

World building – insect reality

Classroom tool – science class – insect life (habitat, diet, personality, lifestyle, routine, lifecycle)