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I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME by Lisa Schroeder

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It was my fault. Do

you hate me?  I love you. Now

and forever more.


Nitty Gritty:


Verse novel

First person POV

Poetic form — free verse

Realistic fiction morphing into magical realism

Main character – 15 year old Ava

Beginning = in media res (i.e. story begins in the middle — at the funeral of Jackson, Ava’s boyfriend)

Themes — death, self crises, doubt, mystery, fault, blame, despair, grief

Mysterious accident

Ghosts, haunting, spirits, shadows

Talking, walking, interacting with the dead

Deeper self crises of doubt

Rooted in realism – story turns early into something more (tipping point = p.34 out of 226 when the haunting begins)

Tragic death, mystery of circumstances behind the death, Ava’s self doubt and pain

Emotions amped with increased haunting and rising sense of surrealism

Ghosts used as a plot device to escalate tension and raise the stakes

Haunting used as a writing craft technique to add symbolism

Themes threading through the story while also serving as a vehicle for effective development of plot and character arc.