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HIDDEN by Helen Frost

Posted in reviewku: plunder, middle grade, reviewku: poetry (all)


Hidden words, lost girl.

Carjacking, kidnapping – oops!

Happy ending – yay!


Nitty Gritty:

YA/Middle Grade fiction

Verse novel

Two points of view in alternating chapters – two main characters – two girls – two sides to the same story – two poetic styles (free verse for Wren (the kidnapped girl) and an original Frost form developed just for this verse novel for Darra (the daughter of the carjacker))

Original Frost poetic form = narrative, dense, specific in terms of line endings — each line ends with a specific word that going back and read along, one last word at a time, add up to an important sub-story/third point of view/third character

Because of the Frost form, this verse novel is also a Puzzle book

Serious themes of carjacking and kidnapping treated with care through the spare verse format

Emotion and crime subjects treated truthfully but not melodramatically