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HEARTBEAT by Sharon Creech

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Run, run, thump, thump, Mom.

Baby, baby, new baby?

Come back Grandpa.  Max?


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade / YA (ages 8 and up)

Verse novel

First person POV

Main character – 12 year old Annie

Aimed at younger audience than most verse novels

Simple language – short sentences, simple words

Theme – new pregnancy of main character’s mother, rebirth, transformation, transition (out with the old, in with the new such as Grandpa’s impending death and Mom’s impeding pregnant)

But, is transformation/birth/death theme sometimes pushed too hard and too far? == Sometimes plot / language / dialogue feel out of character and off target — main character feels too young, too naive, younger than a 12 year old girl…

Poetry = tight and economical

Poetic language paints word pictures that form graphic mental images

Dialogue portrayed in italics gives novel immediacy and power