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Similar to measures in music.

Types of feet include:

Iamb (Greek ‘iambos’=to assail in iambics or to lampoon) = one unaccented syllable followed by one accented one *once used as mockery, now considered more dignified.

Trochee (Greek ‘trekho’=fun) = opposite of Iamb – one accented syllable followed by one unaccented syllable *a running foot.

Dactyl (Greek ‘daktulos’=finger) = one accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables (remember this form by one long and two short bones in a finger on your hand!)

Anapest (Greek ‘ana’=up AND ‘paio’=strike or hit) = two unaccented syllables followed by one accented syllable *opposite of dactyl.

Spondee (Greek ‘spondee’=alibation (a ceremonial pouring of wine)) = two accented syllables *used to celebrate important occasions – slow and solemn.