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DREAM KEEPER AND OTHER POEMS by Langston Hughes, illustrated by Brian Pinkney

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Fun froth to storm pain.

Music, melody. Blues, truth.

Diverse characters.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade / YA (ages 8 and up)

Storyteller/ first person POV

Poetry collection

Originally published in 1932

Crossover poetry – accessible to children, teens and adults

Easily accessible for reading out loud

Rhythm and rhyme

Short and pointed

Imagery strong and specific

African American themes and universal truths

Emotional range – light frothy fun to stormy turbulence

Inner meaning, deeper truths

Sadness and empathy

Diversity of characters — beggar woman, boy, ocean, piano man

Music – singing the blues, tapping foot on the floor

Joy and pain in the powerful verses are universal truths, the urge to repeat words, a lines, phrases irresistible.  Stark truths and raw emotions represent lives of all genders, races and ages.