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Crystal meth brings Bree

out from Kristina.  Daddy

sets bad example


Nitty Gritty:

YA (grades 8 and up)

First person POV

Verse novel

Main character – 17 year old Kristina Snow

Crystal meth – motivator, dark force, instigator, character

Escalating sequence of emotion, written in a variety of free verse and fixed form poetry

Variety of poetic forms shape this intense verse novel, and this formulaic variety infuses the story with a backbeat that is changing yet constant. 

New forms (invented by Hopkins), classic forms, tight, free wheeling, shaped forms — the sheer volume and variety of forms could occasionally overwhelm the non poetry reading reading

Poetic variety allows for safe expression of deep emotions and intensity of plot

Forward pulsing sense of pace

No quotation marks for dialogue, few dialogue tags, distinct voice shown through poetic strength

Italics used for character quotes

Cautionary tale, emotional depth, painful emotional intensity

Themes – family, drugs, rape, pregnancy, pain, addiction, treatment, relapse, family history/secrets