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BRONZEVILLE BOYS AND GIRLS by Gwendolyn Brooks, illustrated by Faith Ringgold

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Black, white. Puppy, snow.

Urban Chicago. Poems,

kids. Universal.


Nitty Gritty:

Middle grade / YA (ages 4-8)

Verse novel / poetry collection / short stories told in verse

Shifting POV – first person and third

First published in 1956

Voice unique to each story

Setting – urban Chicago

Unique turns of phrases fitting with distinct voices

Each word carefully chosen, well balanced

Phrases pain word pictures (“Keeping myself for my very own.”  “(Grown ups laughing) It doesn’t have any frosting.”  “My Dad must never know I care; it’s hard enough for him to bear.”  “That clock is ticking me away.”)

Emotional arcs – childhood confusion, growing realization of more mature reality, quick flashes of surprisingly mature realization

Forging real life connections with readers

Variety of social structures and positions in society represented