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Posted in 2015 poems, Alphabet Poetry, featured

A TO OH NO (pirate alphabet poem)
A is for Auntie always singing,
B is Brrrr for Minnesota winter,
C is Cold, again that Minnesota thing.
D is Driving as in Morgan is driving me crazy,
E is Everyone who ever thought I was a no one,
F is Forget them and Focus on the new me.
G is Good Golly –
H is for how Huge this ship is,
I is for Impressive too.
J is for Just as we’d expected,
K is for Kite cars,
L is for Lying – as in, we’d be lying if we said we’d expected kite cars.
M is for More of the strange and weird
N is for None of the warm and fuzzies,
O is for Oh no I’ve gotta go – the
Phantom is coming in fast!